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CMO & CRO for Transdermal Patch
Teh Seng is specialized in transdermal drug delivery system.
We formulate and manufacture transdermal patch products for projects requiring a wide range of ingredients and a variety of applications.
Using self-adhesive skin patch technology, Teh Seng manufactures patches containing high quality active ingredients that are commonly associated with many of today's major growth areas including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, analgesia, asthma and so forth.
Reservoir Type
Matrix Type
A transdermal patch is a medical technology in which a patch containing a medicated adhesive is placed on the body to deliver a specific dose of active ingredients through the skin and into the bloodstream. A significant advantage of the transdermal drug delivery route over other modes of delivery is that such patches provide a controlled release of the active ingredients into the user. The controlled release of medication occurs through one of two methods:
(i) a porous membrane may cover a reservoir of medication in the transdermal patch, or
(ii) body heat melts thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive of the patch. A wide variety of pharmaceutical products are now available in transdermal patch form.