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Thinnest fiber in nature: Formed by complex micro-organism flora, its diameter is only 20 nanometers which is one 133rd of the petrochemical mask (non-woven mask)
Safest facial mask material: Used as cardiovascular repairing material and artificial skin in European and US medical society, highly skin friendly, also suitable for sensitive skin.
Fits and matches tightly to the skin: Possessing "lontophoresis-type" property, providing much more effective penetration of essence into the skin.
Post therapy skin care: Suitable for skin care after beauty care therapies such as Intense Pulse Light, Peeling, Laser, and etc.
Biocellulose Facial Mask
  The Biocellulose Facial Mask is skin friendly and suitable for all types of skins. It provides excellent coverage on wrinkled skin areas and induces slightly warm surface circulation. Compared to traditional non-woven facial masks, the Biocellulose Facial Mask provides much better permeation of active ingredients and adhesion.  
Environmental Friendly Mask-Organic and Biodegradable
Busy and stressful daily life and lack of proper maintenance cause the skin to become dull and dry. Moreover, melanin tends to deposit and shows up as dark spots on the skin. Women love facial treatments and consider facial masks as an essential maintenance product. The facial mask is a common cosmetic product which moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
1. Thinnest Fiber in The Nature
  Diameter of the fiber is around 2-100nm, which is 1/1000 of a human hair.
2. 3-D Nano Fibers
  Nano class three-dimension network structure is very detailed and highly affixed to face.
3. Not Only For Cosmetics But Also For Medical Applications
  It is also used as artificial skin, and medical devices such as burn wound dressing or artificial blood vessels.
4. Deep Moisturizing
  The nano fibers allow the passage of essence in the mask, air and mist which possesses good water retention property. The absorption is 100 times more than non-woven clothes.
5. First Environmental Friendly Mask
  It’s organic and biodegradable.
Growth Factor
Human skin is a living organ which performs dynamic activities such as growth, repair and maintenance. Even though our skin requires growth factors as key modulators of skin cell metabolism, their expression level decreases with aging process which is resulted in slow cell renewal and defected skin defense system.

If exogenous growth factors are put into the aged skin, those factors surely improve skin elasticity and plasticity via accelerated rejuvenating process.
The growth factors TEH SENG offers has specific activity at 2,640,000 IU/mg and purity greater than 97%. The growth factors packed in inner sealed Penicillin vial with freeze-dried powder to keep its maximum specific activity.

The growth factor can be store at 2-8 degree Celsius, stable within 24 months. TEH SENG currently offers EGF, PDGF, aFGF, bFGF and KGF.
Bio-Rejuvenating Facial Treatment with Multi-Peptide
Active ingredients preserved by Freeze-Dried Technology
Visible result in one treatment!
Bio-Rejuvenating Facial Treatment is designed to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles with newly generating skin cells. Strengthen skin elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen and elastin.Bio-Rejuvenating Facial Treatment hydrates dry skin and helps to maintain the optimum moisture balance. Nourish skin that appears smoother, brighter and regains its youthful look.

Bio-Rejuvenating Facial Treatment includes multi-peptide in the BioCrystal (EGF, PDGF, and bFGF) with the Rejuvenating serum which contains Arbutin, Rosa Centifolia Flower, Hyaluronic Acid, Bisabolol, Allantoin, Aloe Extract and etc.
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