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Cosmetic Patches
Facial Patch and Eye Patch
The Facial Patch is based on a unique formula that contains aloe vera and other moisturizing elements such as collagen, witch hazel, allantoin, citrus extract, etc. its special osmotic absorption provides superior moisturizing capability when compared with masks, creams, gels and other allocation methods. The patch provides maximum hydration of the skin within 15 minutes.
The Eye Patch infuses the area around the eyes with a skin-smoothing botanical blend and coenzyme Q10. It cools and hydrates the skin, and it also reduces fine lines, wrinkles dark circles and puffiness.  
Other Pathes
1. Aroma Stress-Free Patch (Cooling Patch)
  Aroma Stress-Free Patch is a hydrogel-based patch. It is composed of cosmetic type of hydrogel with various essential oils, such as Eucalyptus Lavender, Peppermint and etc. it is ideal for fast cooling relief from the stress of heat, long-distance driving, headaches, fatigue, long hours or overnight work, and sore feet.
The patch is non-toxic, portable, and ready to use at any time with long-lasting cooling effect.  It leaves no residue.
  • Fast, cooling relief
  • Adheres to skin
  • Breathable cloth
  • Relaxes mind and body
  • More selection from different essential oils
2. Cooling Forehead Pillow
  Forehead patch provides instant cooling relief from headache or fever.
3. Cracked Heel Eraser
  Deep moisturizing patch with skin repairing collagen.
Softens and helps heal dried skin on heels and elbows.
4. Slimming Patch
  Speeds up metabolism.