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Hydrogel Patches
Advanced Molecule Hydropolymer Technology
Traditional plasters have poor skin permeation and often cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. To overcome the defects of the traditional plaster, we developed a basic technique of processing large-molecule hydropolymers that achieves good skin absorption and causes no irritation to skin. Through many trials by our R&D team, we succeeded in producing a new type of medical patch. We appointed the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to test the effects of medicine dissolution and skin permeation. These experiments confirmed the effectiveness of the patch in achieving both effects. The effects of the new hydrogel patch have been applauded by many consumers since the patch was introduced to the public several years ago.
  • Prepared with jelly-like hydro-absorptive polymolecular compound
  • Contains substantial amount of moisture to produce soothing and cooling relief
  • Due to its well-distributed vehicle, therapeutic effects last longer
  • Adheres well to skin, easily applied and removed, will not stain clothes
  • Stretchable and ventilated with refreshing scent
Pain Relieving Hydrogel Patches
TEH SENG Pain Relieving Hydrogel Patch is a safe and convenient way to relieve backache, sore muscles and arthritis. Each patch has a soft, flexible backing that adheres and removes easily; it bends and flexes as you move.
The patch is not greasy or smelly and can be worn underneath clothing without detection. It provides instant cooling or a warm sensation that lasts for hours.
  • Self-adhesive patch applying directly to point of pain
  • Safe, natural relief of pain, and long-lasting effect
  • Not messy or greasy
We also produce patches made of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). The process of safely conveying the precise amount of medication to its destination in the skin is called TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System). This process has received much attention from around the world and the excellent clinical effects of this skin-absorbing patch have been widely admired.

Indomethacin is very effective in the relief of pain and inflammation, but may have many side effects when taken orally or by injection. Out new Indomethacin Patch has solved the difficult problem of administering this medication effectively and safely.

The successful results of clinical experiments with the Indomethacin external patch include:
1.Effective against chronic conditions with inflammation and chronic pain such as arthritis and muscle aches.
2.Reliable curative effects for pain, local heat and swelling. Possible side effects such as itching, redness, and rash are confined to the topical area. No internal side effects such as irritation of stomach and intestines.
  • Very effective for repief of pain and inflammation
  • Good adhesion and flexibility
  • Minimal irritation to skin
  • No unpleasant odor
Ketoprofen Patch reliably maintains a constant concentration of medication and prolongs the efficacy of the drug in order to ensure a curative effect.
There are several important functions:
1. Bypasses the digestive organs and liver for absorption.
2. Reduces the chance of medicinal absorption throughout the whole body, outside the affected area.
3. Maintains a constant concentration of medication in the affected area.
4. Prolongs the efficacy of the drug.
5. Requires a smaller dose of medication than would be taken orally or by injection.
6. Encourages compliance of patient with treatment.
7. Decreases the prescribed dosage.
8. Easy to remove the patch and discontinue treatment.
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